They both enjoy the whole process of working within this very diverse industry as they are able to offer superbly crafted products for a variety of companies in the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors, including aerospace.

Established in the Sussex area in the early 90's, Pentacraft Engineering have built a reputation for supplying high quality products throughout the Industry sector. At Pentacraft we are committed to customer satisfaction and we employ a fully trained workforce who are dedicated in their efforts to achieve this goal. In addition we are supported by proven suppliers and sub-contractors who understand the standards we expect of them.

With state of the art CAD/CAM directly linked to punching machines, modern sheet metal manufacturing equipment together with, powder coating and silk screen printing facilities, Pentacraft provides a complete one stop service. As our customers range from individuals to large corporations, locally and nationally, and with such clients as Kew Gardens and various Universities in the UK, we are always in demand for our designs.

Trusted supplier

Committed to the highest standards of quality

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers are presented with high quality products at competitive costs and on time. We aim to build long term close working relationships with all our customers, and work hard at understanding and fulfilling their needs, whilst providing a total and reliable service with professional advice and solutions. (View PDF)


Consultation service

Consultation is offered on an as required basis. We will work with you from design concept through prototype development to volume production. We are also able to offer sourcing of ancillary parts and assembly. This is all made possible due to our 3D modelling design and development drawing office resource, which uses the latest CAD software.

Pentacraft Ltd ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certification

Fine Limit Sheet Metal Work, Welding and Fabrication, Milling and Turning, CNC Punching and Forming.


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